Q. How do I use TrackMyGolf with my Android Wear Watch?
Q. How do I use TrackMyGolf with my Apple Watch?
Q. Will the app accidentally detect practice swings?
We use your GPS location to detect the location of each swing. If there are multiple swings in one location (2 practice swings and then a real swing), we will only save the last swing as we assume it is the real swing.
Q. What happens if the app doesn't detect my swing?
While we hope this isn't the case, you can always manually log a swing by pressing the "+" button.
Q. How do I select a club?
Tap and hold "Select Club" at the bottom of the screen to bring up the rotating selector. Rotate your finger around the screen and release when the club you want is in the middle. As you play more and more, we will save your club data and then automatically suggest the club that matches your current distance to the hole.
Q. Why are there three distances shown on the watch?
Golf courses have 3 standard hole locations for each green: front (red flag), middle (white flag), and back (blue flag), and these often change daily. We show these three distances so you can be more accurate, no matter the hole location.
Q. Does TrackMyGolf have data for all courses?
We have data for more than 35,000 courses. If you don't see a course, please let us know!
Q. Who may I contact for support, questions, or feedback?
View a more detailed usage guide, or send us a message! We'd love to hear from you at support@vimo.co